Learn to produce live auctions with one of the most innovative and successful fine art companies in the world.

Get paid to travel. Develop new business skills. Realize your potential onboard a luxury cruise ship.

The Opportunity

cruise ship art auctionsAre you entrepreneurial, self-motivated and looking for something outside of the cubicle? Shed that 9 to 5 and learn to manage an international fine art program.
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The Lifestyle

cruise ship art auctionsVisit exotic ports of call, enjoy cruise ship amenities, and develop an expertise in art. Make new friends and establish lifelong connections all over the world.
Live Onboard a Cruise Ship

The Training

art auctionsOur comprehensive training program prepares you to take on the exciting challenge of producing live art auctions worldwide.
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Video Testimonials

Coenrad W.

“Working for a company that has such a great relationship with the artists we represent has been a great honor. I myself have developed a fantastic relationship with most of the artists we represent. The artworks we help our clients get involved with are some of the very best quality, created by some of the […]

Martin & Roxana B.

“In all the years we have been involved with Park West, we have come to one very important conclusion: people are never really bothered about the cost of art, they are more inclined to say no because they feel intimidated by the whole experience and their lack of knowledge. A truly amazing experience, besides seeing […]

David G.

“One of my most memorable Park West experiences was at the 2012 Auctioneer Conference. Tim Yanke, a celebrated contemporary artist with Park West Gallery, brought some of his newest works to the event to get our honest feedback. We discussed the meaning behind the works and his creative approach. Everyone loved them and someone had […]

Deon & Jeanne M.

“Being 27 years old, thinking we knew business and the science of selling, we were pleasantly shocked out of our comfort zones with the initial training Park West provided. The training in Miami exceeded all expectations and thoroughly excited us to become the best we can be – so much so that we became financially […]

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